Today summary

Today we spent whole day at MILLAB warehouse together with two service guys from this company. One of them is a new employe and that was his second day at MILLAB. With his colleague we made something like a beginner training for him and show how we repair climatic chambers. Today that was 720 liters chamber -40 to 180 deg working range. There were two leakages from cooling system which were removed. But after that we received a bad surprise: guys from MILLAB forgot that this unit needs significant quantity of refrigerant and we put near 2/3 of normal quantity to the system only when refrigerant was gone. But the unit reached -34 deg. even with this refrigerant quantity. I think MILLAB's guys will by new balloon with refrigerant in a soonest future and return this unit to customer.
So, tomorrow I will go to Khimiya expo again for participation and dismantling of our booth. Hope that I will have a time to take a look on boothes of other exhibitors and visit some dealers at the expo.

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