Best solution against Moscow traffic jams

Here is a quote from exchange of e-mails with my mate from Australia:

Hi Dima the second most poisonous snake in the world is the King Brown snake found all over australia, the biggest I have seen in the wild was about 2.5 metres long which is considered a large snake here, but check out the 6metre monster below 1 bite from this thing would be enough to kill god knows how many hundred men.............................sometimes i think the cold in russia isnt such a bad thing  

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They certainly grow big in NSW. (Hunter Valley).


Branxton Hunter Valley NSW 13th April 2011

Hey Craig

Yesterday hard wet snow has being started in Moscow and now shit is everywhere! Because this is not a snow, this is a mixture with snow, dirt and water. You can see it on the picture:

Yesterday traffic was disaster and I got my home via Alaska yesterday to pass all traffic jams. I saw pictures from interactive map by Russian internet service Yandex (same like Google maps) for yesterday. And found some interesting notes on it made by people were staying in jams. Here some examples for you:

How to hang oneself in a car?
Would like to buy a car closer to traffic lights
We all will die here…
For your reference: ДТП means car accident
That means your snake can be a good solution for some people in Moscow traffic jams J
Today is worse. I spent 1h20min to get the office in the morning (normally it takes 30-40 minutes) and I left my home at 6:30. I can’t pretend how long people will spend today at traffic jams.


Holy crap dude i have never seen that many accidents at one time anywhere so how was alaska

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