Weekend report

Photo report from Saturday which I spent together with my wife and colleagues in Sergiev Posad, Moscow region.

 We arrived near the noon and left our car near Slava's dacha.
Below is a picture of the old but renovated house which is typical for Russia last century.

The first part of this day was a sightseeing in Trinity-Sergiev monastery. Ducks tower of the monastery wall:

Small private plane in a sky. The pilot was trying to do some pilotage:

The monastery was found in 1337

 Main entrance of the monastery:

Local people are selling souvenirs not far from the main entrance of the monastery:

Tourists feeding  pigeons that's why you can see a lot of this birds near the wall of the monastery:


Main entrance and church above it from the inner side of the monastery:

Small church and main bell tower:

You can see a lot of ancient tombs on a territory of this holy place:

Holy spring. Near one year ago we already visited this place together with my wife and we filled small cam with the water from this spring. This water still can be drunk: it is still has perfect taste.

Crypt of Godunov family:

 Inside Assumption church:

Ancient tombs:

Main bell tower:

Church of Smolensk Icon of Mother of God:

Crosses of Assumption church:

 Holly Trinity cathedral. It was founded in 1422 and this is the most ancient building of the monastery. Relics of St. Sergius who found the monastery are kept there.

Second part of last Saturday  was a celebrating of our professional holiday Chemist day at Slava's dacha. Old place, nice weather, nice company, fresh draft beer, BBQ what could be the better time spending?

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