Weekend report: Vadim Zadorozhny's museum of technical equipment

As I promised earlier we spent this Saturday in Vadim Zadorozhny's museum of technical equipment.
The museum located close to Moscow at Krasnogorsky district, Archangelskoe, Ilynskoe shosse, 4 km, building 8 and you can easily get it by car or by public transport.

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The exhibition of the museum decided by two main parts: retro cars, aircrafts and motorcycles inside the museums building and defence technology outside. But even inside the building there are some old military air planes and small arms.
You will find below a lot of photos (119) with names for museum exhibits. Most part of names contains links for description and specification for the exhibit. I'm still working on links and names for the photos and complete it all as soon as possible
Just click on a linked name and get the detailed information about piece of history from this photo report. 
Please click on photo to get the full screen.

In front of the entrance the is an armoured column located. And the firs tank is:

M3 Stuart

Entrance to the museum building:

Holsman high wheeler

Alfa Romeo 8C2900B

Alfa Romeo 6C2500SS

Alfa Romeo 6C2500 Mille Miglia

Alfa Romeo 6C2500B

Delahaye 135M

Delahaye 135CC

Delahaye 135M

Yakovlev's UT-1, UT-2

Hotchkiss AM4

Horch engine

Horch 850/51

Horch hood ornament

Horch 951A

Horch 853A

Horch 930V Sport Roadster

Horch 830BL

Adler Trumpf Junior

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