EFKE R-25: film test on Contax G2 system

Last weekend when after we bought Distagon 2/35 for me I helped to test EFKE R-25 photo film to my friend Alexey Korostylev.

Here is specification for the film:
R-25 is orthopanachromatically sensitized thin-layer black-white negative film of very fine grain, which properties together with the coinciding grade provide the highest possible edge sharpness. KB-25 and R-25 resolving power is 115 lines per milimetre. These films find their applications particularly in technical and professional photography. Sensitivity of Efke 25 is 14 DIN (20 ASA, ISO 20/14° GOST 18), but by developing in coinciding developers effecting Efkes sensitivity utilization may be even twice increased to 100 ISO.

So, we used Contax G2 with Biogon and Sonnar lenses to take photos. Please keep in mind that this film has low sensitivity and we used long exposures. That cause movement artifacts but sharpness of photos still acceptable. 
Here are scanned negatives without any correction after standard development for this film.

The conclusion is: EFKE R-25 designed for fair weather or bright light conditions. But fine grains provide possibility to take high detailed pictures. This film has limited sensitivity in red range and my friend want to do additional test in the future with red objects.

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