How to make photo frame

Last Sunday I met my friend Alexey Korostylev and we performed a test for old Soviet manual lenses with SLR and DSLR by Canon. But before that Alexey showed me equipment in frame shop where he works together with his partner. Their frame shop located in a center of Moscow in old building. It's a quite place suitable for this kind of artistic work.

We met Alexey's partner in a court  yard and showed him our photo equipment for test.

Alexey offer me to make a photo frame by myself and I took part in manufacturing process.
At first you need to choose a framing. The below one looks to luxury for small frame :-)

You need to cut the framing with the special machine:

This machine is manual and operator should be very careful to prevent injury or cutting of the  fingers.
Dima at work:

Afterwards all parts should be fastened with another machine. It has two pneumatic pistons which insert brackets to wooden or plastic material of the framing and fix it.

When the frame is done you need to cut the class to insert it to the frame. Here is a special setup to cut the glass:

At the end you can use a standard back side or  make it by yourself with the same setup showed above. But we used a workpiece with support to place the photo frame on a table.
On the picture below Alexey is cutting off the back side workpiece on a special table:

Here it is, my custom made photo frame:

You are welocomed to visit the online shop of my friend where you can place a special offers or buy available goods:

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  1. You do a good job. I mean both, writing this and build up your own frame. :-) It's a good documentation...

    1. Hey Marc. I forgot my nice frame at frame shop :-) Hope I will get it back this weekend.