Saturday's photo walk: my wife and my friends

 We met my best friends this Saturday and walked together. Before the lunch we were walking together with my wife in Park of Arts Museon and took few photos there.

Afterwards we called to Roman Slipchuk who was visiting dentist not far from the park and he joined us for walk down the Krim embankment of Moscow river.

Afterwards we moved to South part of Moscow and net my friend Alexey Korostylev.

He bought a small camera Sony NEX 5n but it does great pictures with Carl Zeiss lenses of Contax G system. He already posted his first photos from this camera on his blog: Zeiss Planar.
He changed his Canon 50D on this small camera by Sony because of compromise between  size and performance. I think he will make a small review of this combination later and I will additionally make a note about his post. Right now I can only confirm that quality of NEX 5n with Zeiss Planar can easily compete with cropped DSLR by Canon.
* * *
We had a launch and took some pictures of each other to compare results of NEX system  and beginner level of Canon DSL.

That's all news for today. Thank you for reading my blog and watching my pictures! See my new posts soon!

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