Weekend report: At the film set

Few weeks ago I faced a web site of the interesting  place from my point of view. This is the web page of the film set for Russian historical TV series "Notes of  Freight Forwarder of secret Office" (raw translation) which shooting took place in 2010. 
This place located close to Moscow and you can easily get there on weekend to take some old style photos. Please keep in mind that there is no entertainment there you can only try to take pictures and some people wear old dressing or armors to take old styled realistic photos.
For those who would like to go there I placed below the location view from Google maps (this location was updated more than 2 years ago that's why you will not find any building of the film set on the picture below).

Expand the mamp

Last weekend we went there together with my wife and took few pictures for our album. She told to process it in black and white and here is result of that.

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  1. Stunning, espacially #17. Great arrangement.

  2. Thank you Marc. I translated your comment for my wife and she reminding you that you promised visit us :-)