Who does aero-space stuff in Russia?

I would like to make a small photo thread with machine operators and metalworkers which make different components for aero-space industry in Russia. Even International space station equiped with products, produced by their hands.
Many thanks to them for their job and interesting time which we spent when were working together. I will never forget that first technical experience. And special thanks to my father who teach these guys and me to do  impossible things sometimes. He is not on these photos and I guess I will make a post about him in the future.

I stylized photos with vintage filters (it's quite suitable here from my point of view), but I took it in 2005 with my first digital camera FUJIFILM FinePix S5500.

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  1. Great, you discoverd photos which are 7 years old? :-) Cool work and good text...

  2. I just look thru old pictures on my PC and decided to make this post.