Photo report: Business trip to Kursk, Russia

View on Dzerzhinsky street, Kusrk, Russia

If you red my previous posts you know that I was in Kursk last week. I had a lot of work at Pharmstandard Kursk and had only short sightseeing on a second day in the city after the working day.

But before take a look on Kursk I would like to share few photos of the  burial mound in Tula region which you can see on the way from Moscow to Kusrk.
It is located near the Plavsk - small town in Tula region.

Просмотреть увеличенную карту

It was build in honour of the Victory in Second World War.
Memorial Burial mound of Fame

Eternal fame to heroes

The wall of fame of local heroes

Old cannon
Now we can move to ырщке sightseeing thru Kursk.
Old buildings at Gagarina street

Some old buildings destroyed 

House of Boyars Romodanovskiye

Holy Trinity Church

Officers' house

Fountain near circus

Memorial of the Soviet times

Square near the circus

Cathedral of the Assumption

Administration building of Kursk
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