Blogger for iPad

I can't believe! Today Blogger got official application for iPad. I had been waiting this moment since I have got iPad in April this year. I tried different not official applications but most of them can't publish pictures in whiteboxes to my blog with desired size and store them in my standard google profile. Let's check this application out and see how it will work!

Update 1 (15 of November 2012)
A) There is no support for html as web interface of Blogger has: no headers, text styles, etc.
B) Every time when I try to upload picture in original size I receive error message 403
C) Pictures can't be inserted in desired order to the text. You can only add pictures to separate field at creating form of the post and they will be shown all along below the text of your post in web browser.
D) There is no menu to choose existing tags / labels.
E) Pictures token exactly in the application are not storing in pictures gallery on device.

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