Boris Strugatsky died yesterday

Boris Strugatsky, Sketch by Alexey Kurbatov - Artemy Lebedev's Design Studio

Yesterday Boris Strugatsky left this world. He was 79 years old. Last years he was seriously seek. He had few heart attacks and was not visiting public events but still was working a lot home.
He was a part of the great Talent Strugatskiye Brothers. Books which were written by Boris and Arkady Strigatskiye were translated in to 42 languages and published in 33 countries around the world.
Stanislav Lem said when he red "Roadside Picnic": "I had to write this novel by myself!"
And now a lot of people know the word "Stalker", which was invented and first time used in this novel.
The work of Strugatskiye Brothers had great impact on science fiction in a world. They predicted a lot of the inventions of 20-21 centuries. But most important things of their work are imagery of the society and personality of the future.
Rest in peace Boris and Arkady! We will keep your work in our minds and hearts!

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