Instagrammed Nizhiy Novgorod

Last Monday I early started trip to Nizhniy Novgorod. My target was to visit customer and try to eliminate a source of the problem with equipment they use. That city located just a little bit more that 400 kilometers from Moscow to the east. It was founded in 1221 and has a lot of pages in a history. To get more details you can read the topic about Nizhniy Novgorod in Wikipedia.
This time I driving a car and arrived to the city after noon.
I've been in Nizhniy Novgorod  before, near 9 years ago but due tight schedule has no any sightseeing there. That's why after 6 hours of driving a had a rest and decided to make a small walk in a center of the city where my hotel is located.
I've got Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street which is pedestrian zone where different shops, bars, cafe are concentrated. So, I have chosen to use Instagram on my iPhone to take pictures instead of my Canon. I was trying to create nice photo thread by using simplest camera on the phone and I hope I coped with that.
Central Bank
Cafe in a nice old building
View on a theater from cafe LeMur
Near Kremlin
Old warrior
Disaster hero
Arms of Second World War
Junction of Volga and Oka
Eternal fire
Church of Archangel Michael
Path near Kremlin wall
Crazy mixture
Monument of  Dobrolyubov
Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street
Old guy
Fashion girl
At Novaya Street
Still alive

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