Tambov thru 30 years old Soviet SLR camera Zenit E

Zenit E with Helios 44-2 2/58

As I promised yesterday, I developed film today morning which I shoot in my home town Tambov beginning this week. I asked my father for the old Soviet SLR camera Zenit E to take few pictures on a film. He bought it before my birthday in 1980.

This camera has Helios 44-2 2/58 M42 fully manual lens. I would say this is fully manual camera because it has only simple exposure meter which works like a light meter and you can get approximate aperture and exposure by using special ring on it.
Kodak Color Plus ISO 200 film was used for this short photo adventure :-)
So, here I would like to share with you results of my short photo walk at embankment in Tambov, few portraits and studies.
Let's go...
The first picture I took in the morning near the shopping mall which close to Immigration service center where I was to get the new passport for International trips.
Unloading of goods
 Next object was Baptist cathedral which close to the this place too.
Baptist cathedral
 Afterwards I got embankment of Tsna river and had a short session there...
Kazansky cathedral

Pedestrian embankment

View to Kazansky monastery

Monument of Sergeev-Tsensky

Path close to Church of Intercession of the Holy Mother of God

Bridge of lovers

Church of Intercession of the Holy Mother of God

Monument of Russian Muzhik (peasant)


Linden path

Bench in a park

Abandoned air separation station
 Due hard rain I returned to main street to get taxi my parents home.
First pharmacy

Some building :-)

Child library
 The rest of this photo set is mash up of different pictures:
House of the neighbors of my parents

My niece

The street where I grew up

Russian doggy :-)

My mother at home of my grandmother (Yeah carpets on a wall still here :-))

My grandmother
Terror of mouses

A gift

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