Cook at home: chiken hearts with soy souce

Never cook chicken hearts for a long time. Nevertheless it's a simple and tasty dish. I and my wife prefer to cook it in Asian style with soy sauce. For this you need:
Cooled chicken hearts - 1 kg
Two onions
One carrot
Parsley and dill
Black pepper
Beans in a tomato sauce - 1 can
Soy sauce - 100...150 ml

Start with onion and carrot. Cut onion on half rings and carrot on sticks:

Pour soy sauce to hearts and add pepper according your taste and wait up to 30 minutes:
When hearts are marinating you can sear  onion and carrot:

When hearts ready add it with say sauce marinade to carrot and onion:
Braise it for 30 minutes:
Afterwards add some parsley and dill to the dish and add beans with tomato sauce.
Note: I forgot to buy beans yesterday :-) that's why I add only tomato sauce :-(
Keep it on a cooking plate up two 5 minutes more and chicken harts will be ready :-)

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