Spring walk


Moscow is enjoying good weather. +27C and shining sun make people go outside. We had a plan with my wife to walk in a forest close to our home. But when we arrived to that place we  have got a big fence of the new cottages settlement which significantly increased since last year. So, now the small path to the forest is disappeared and there no other possibility to get the forest from that place except a waterlogged meadow. We had no shoes for that and had to get back to Moscow :-(
But we had a short walk in a park located in a district where we live. Here are photos which we took today.

Acacia fresh leaves
Moscow concrete jungles
Blooming cherry-tree
Blooming pear-tree
Blooming cherry-tree
Mickey t-short :-)
Unknown bush
In a shade
Bird cherry
Weekend market
Trouble maker
Coffee break
No responsibility

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