Walking with camera in Hong Kong

I spent in Hong Kong last 10 days and had time to walk around on weekend. Here are photos from places around MTR  Prince Edward, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and Kwun Tong.
Switch on the music below and enjoy pictures!

Let's start from Mong Kok. Iwas there to buy some accessories for my camera. The guy on photo was working on a street with his Mamiya camera. He does instant photography and result is very nice. His fans were staying in a long queue to have a chance get a picture.

That's how he works. People just staying or do some crazy jumps on a street.
Another guy whom I catch  at Mong Kok. He was walking with bike loaded with different kinds of raw meat.
Two policemen are controlling the ambient. I took this picture and one guy came and told something to them. they immediately followed him after that. hope that accident was not so serious.
I had to buy some electronic goods for my friends and colleagues in Hong Kong and took this picture exactly at the moment of purchasing electrics at SUNING.
Here are promoters for new ASUS product.
And other ladies do the same.
Picturesque old gentleman got the flyer from ladies on previous picture.
Now is a time for dinner and here is a picture of Italian restaurant at Tsim Sha Tsui.
Got a beer as refreshment.
Many people pass this arc to get Knutsford Terrace.
Tsim Sha Tsui district in the nigth.
This picture takem from the entrance on Mira Hotel. I stayed there on my first trip to Hong Kong. That was so excited!
I can't remember tha name of this hotel but it's popular for Arabic people.
Exsits from MTR Tsim Sha Tsui
Would you like to buy one?
Ten PM but people still buying here :-)
The area around Ngau Tau Kok MTR station.
Ladies taken pictures and sharing every time everywhere.
I never been on some street markets in Hong Kong and decided to get there this time. This guy was in a same coach of MTR train with me. So, I don't need the map to get the street birds market, right?
He was a little bit shy and turned out from the camera every time.
I've got a lot of positive amotion at this place. The most part of birds i never seen before in real.
This one I know and I hope you too :-)
And this one is his friend...
Guys trying make a choice which one they need to buy.
I guess these persons belongs to elite parrots club. They show most beautiful birds at the market and all birds were not for sale.

Shower for the nursling.
This smal bird can sing vary loud. I can't imagine how this tiny little thing can do this.
Another singing bird and eccentric owner.
This one didn't move even I came very close to it.
After the birds market I moved to goldfish market and pass the street flowers market.
There are so many awesome plants and again I never seen before most part of it.
Few nice orchids below.

Flowers merchant. He is shy too.
Don't understand the purpose of this stuff.
Night director of the flower shop.
And now time for goldfish market.
But anyway you can get there not only goldfishes.

There are a lot of nice and very rare items too.

Even sea fishes available.
You can buy fresh feed for your aquarium inmates.

Would you like to have this at home? No problem!

This one is huge. The length more than half a meter.
This one big too.
Sometimes feed looks strange.

Nice turtle.
The clown fish
After the day at markets I've got to the market and met this guy there. It;s amazing whzt you can buy there!
And here is a view from my room at the hotel.
Ariizumi San at work :-)
It's time to say good bye to Hong Kong!

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