Walking in the area where we live

Here are few pictures in the area where we move in June this year. Our settlement has strange name VNIISSOK and directly corresponds to the abbreviated name of the research institute located here.
It's great to have possibility to reach pond or woods in 15 minutes if you wanna walk.
this post contains pictures which I took on two different days on two different films.
Let's start with last weekend and Ilford Delta 100 Profesional:

Pond within 200 meters to our home

Fences or the pond and experimental fields

View on the woods and new highway

Drain of the pond

View on buildings of VNIISSOK settlement from the highway embankment

Arc in highway embankment for rivulet

VNISSOK, view from the field (Trubachevka side)

On the way to Trubachevka

Pond at Trubachevka
The rest were shot on Ilford PAN 100:
Path in the woods at Trubachevka


Maple tree at the bank of the pond at Trubachevka


Rivulet's bank

Last flowers

Parting of ways
Another day with Ilford PAN 100:
Vew on VNIISSOK from swamped pond at Dubki, close to Pionerskaya train station

Old house at swamped pond

Another house at the swamp

Swamped pond

Old bathing-house

View on the pound from our balcony

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