Weekend in Munich with my friend.

Last time I met my friend Marc in Cologne but he has plans to move to Munich on this Christmas eve to join his girlfriend Tanja. I was in Germany in the middle of September for business trip to my company HQ and was traveling through Munich as usual. That was good idea and chance to meet together in Munich with Marc and Tanja and just spent few hours in a city by walking, talking and taking pictures.  Here are few pictures from our walk.
Thanks to Tanja who brought us to very nice photo shop where I bought slide scanner for my film photography hobby. All pictures in this post are scanned negatives at 3600 dpi by using my new scanner Reflecta CrystalScan 7200 with digital ICE enhancement technology for color film. Color film was Kodak Gold ISO 200 and black and white one is Ilford Delta Professional ISO 100. I used Canon EOS 50 (further known as Canon ELAN II) with Carl Zeiss Distagon 2/35 T* ZE.

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