Film photography: Hong Kong Experience - Mong Kok

Few following posts here will be devoted to different places in Hong Kong where I frequently was. These posts will contain scanned pictures taken on different films by Canon EOS 50 with Distagon 2/35 T* ZE. Pictures of this particular post were taken on Kodak Portra 160.


Already bought something
 Mong Kok is famous tourist place in Hong Kong due to Ladies market and electronic shops which located close to Mong Kok MTR station. You can find a lot of electronic network shops on Sai Yeung Choi Street as well as not so famous suppliers of electronic goods. Few good photo shops are available here too. Use exit D3 from MTR to get this street directly.
Promoter of the Indian restaurant
 This street becoming crowdy afternoon each weekend and too crowdy in the evening. It's good place if you need to buy any modern electronic products with official warranty and support.
Lipton tea for free

 You can face people who doing their own projects there or arranging performances for famous brands. The guy on a picture above brought the mirror and asking people to take their reflections on a street with his camera. 
Picturesque people is my favorite feature of Hong Kong

Another thing is photographers. If you like instant photography you will enjoy this at Mong Kok. Different kinds with different setup are available here. But I'm personally a member of INSTANT20. They use Mamiya Universal cameras with Polaroid Land backs. This is original instant photography without any digital technique. You can get nice black and white picture for 20 HKD only.
These guys so popular here :-)
 Ladies market is anther nice place to see at Mong Kok. It's located on Tung Choi Street which is parallel to Sai Yeung Choi Street. Here all possible Chinese goods are available. Watches, bags, toys, cheap jewelery, garments, gifts and souvenirs, electronics, whatever... Don't forget to negotiate with merchants, it's most interesting thing if you buy something at any market in Hong Kong :-)
Which one do you like?

Something to read
 I loke to walk around Mong Kok and change the street each block. After one block of Ladies market back to Electronic shops with promotions and performances.
Promotion for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

People crazy here about Halloween

Witches friendly too :-)

Street singer
Hand made design

This is not du Soleil

The future of USB sticks

Fresh vegetables supplier

Action against illegal transplantation

At bus stop

Last minutes for shopping
It's time to move to another place and next post about Kwun Tong.

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