Film Photography: Hong Kong Experience - Sai Wan Ho, Sam Ka Tsuen, Lei Yue Mun seafood market

Here is a short story of the Lei Yue Mun seafood market and two places which I pass normally if I need to get there by ferries from Kwun Tong.
Films were used for this: Kodak Portra 160 Professional and Ilford Delta 100 Professional.
Starting from Kwun Tong

As I told in my previous post I love to cross the harbor by ferry. There is only one ferry available at Kwun Tong Public Pier, where I usually stay on my Hong Kong trips. It goes to Sai Wan Ho at Hong Kong Island. This ferry belongs to the Company which has just two boats and two routs. The first I already told you and the second one is from Sai Wan Ho back to Kowloon to Sam Ka Tsuen pier.
Arriving to Sai Wan Ho (Kwun Tong and Kai Tak Cruise terminal at the background)

I've got this from ferry routs on Google maps and decided to check is it works in real. As you understand my expectations were confirmed.

Boats at Sai Wan Ho shelter
I didn't explore Sai Wan Ho in details and just walk around the pier and found the way to closest MTR station. But there are few parks, promenade and some restaurants there.
Typical fishing boat
To get the final destination of this story I changed ferry to Sam Ka Tsuen. By the way both ferries have 30 minutes interval. But if you start from Kwun Tong you need to wait approximately 10 minutes only for the ferry to Sam Ka Tsuen.
Lei Yue Mun seafood market visible from the harbor and has picturesque view in my opinion. In the night it looks more beautiful because of illumination.
View on Lei Yue Mun seafood market from harbor
After arrival to Sam Ka Tsuen you need to walk around 5 minutes to get Lei Yue Mun seafood market. On a pier I saw another ferry which goes to some island but I can't remember the name of this destination. So will keep this for following trips.
Fishing boats at the shelter
To get the seafood market you need to go around the boats shelter and this place can be really interesting for some people. Those boats look so amazing sometimes and it's difficult to imagine that people use them in a sea.
Lady is waiting if her husband and kids can catch anything ;-)
I was two times at Lei Yue Mun seafood market: the first time on Sunday morning and second one - Monday evening. There was not crowdy and some merchants were really interested to get a customer.
This girl had the same emotions as at Ocean Park
That can be strange for someone but major part of the seafood at the market is imported products from another places. You can find here goods from Australia, USA, Africa and etc. They have very simple rules there. You can buy your favorite seafood and merchant will escort you to the restaurant where you need to pay only for cooking of you stuff.
Seafood products here are really fresh or still alive. I would say this place is clean enough because I didn't feel any other sell than smell of fresh seafood there. Merchants thoroughly clean their shops in the evening every day. Even footpaths are washed with water and detergents.
Authorized personnel only
But lanes between shops of the market looks strange for people who first time in Hong Kong.
Some private facilities
I can recommend to pass complete market to get the small beach at this place. Anyway you will have chance to get your seafood on the way back. Or you can get some dried fish and take a beer to enjoy this at the beach.
View from the beach to Kowloon
Here you will see a lot of people who taking a rest, fishing or photographing. Be careful because part of the peach is dirty and full of broken muscle shells and sharp glass from broken bottles. Unfortunately this is not a good place for swimming.
Almost washed out
But this is a good place for relaxation. Nice view, fresh breeze and roar of the surf will help you to leave your problems and tasks.
Fishing buildings
I faced couple photographers with couple of not standard models at this place. I have no idea of the purpose of the photo session but took a picture too.
This is not gay popularization
On my back way to the pier I also faced a group of Chinese tourists at the market. They were buying snacks and did that in typically for Chinese groups :-)
Chinese snacks
That was too difficult for some merchants to get the customer and they preferred to wait the evening... and sleep a little.
Too tired to work
I passed few lanes and got the harbor side with berthed boats to take detailed pictures of those.
Fishing boat
I was full of impressions and got the entrance of the market with clear decision to get back there again.
That's it for today. Thank you for reading and will post next story about Hong Kong soon.
Bye-bye seafood market

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