Film Photography: Hong Kong Experience - Kwun Tong

This is a second story about Hong Kong places. This one devoted to Kwun Tong district of the city. I used FujiFilm Natura 1600 and Ilford Delta 100 Professional films for this.
View on a harbor and Kowloon from Newton Place Hotel

Kwun Tong looks as industrial district and not interesting for tourists. There are a lot of different warehouses small factories, small shops and few business centers around Kwun Tong. Some old buildings slightly being renovated for offices. The Company which I'm actually working for has office at this district at AXA Tower.
Rest area at AXA Tower
 This is one of two towers which previously were called Landmark East One and Two. Now these twins called AIA and AXA towers. I frequently at this place because I conduct trainings for Asian dealers of our Company and usually stay at the Newton Place Hotel which is very close to the office.
Walking man at the entrance of AXA Tower
 Every day crowd of people come to this place for a job. You can estimate how many people are working around you especially during the lunch time when major part of them come out for the lunch break.
Morning at Landmark East
Renovation of service lines

But district becomes empty at night and keep this state till the morning. Only few workers at the market still drinking beer to the end :-)
Night Kwun Tong

Normally I'm too busy on a working week and have limited time to walk a little in the evening to get a portion of the fresh air after the day at the office. But if a have a chance I prefer to spend it at Kwun Tong Promenade.
Kwun Tong Promenade
This place located exactly at the harbor side and looks nice in the day as well as in the evening.
People walking around, meet together for picnics, taken pictures or simply laying on lawns.
It's good to take couple of beer cans and spend evening on a lawn, enjoy nice harbor view and silence.
Benches at promenade
Some people fishing even in the night but it's more fun in the day. Sometimes shoals of fishes are visible from promenade and it's easier to get your target.
Another people prefer fishing from Public pier. Some of them use standard rods, but some special setup. But anyway it looks similar as to Russian style.
Fisherman bike
There is only one ferry based at Kwun Tong Public Pier which communicates Kwun Tong and Sai Wan Ho. I will put few pictures from Sai Wan Ho to the post about Lei Yue Mun seafood market.
Welcome on board
People still use this connection every day.
Kwun Tong Public Pier
Under High Road

Now I use this ferry to cross the harbor if I need to get Hong Kong island.
View on Kwun Tong from ferry
Anyway I like this place because I spend here so many time. And I love view on harbor and ships.
Harbor in the night
I showed only part of Kwun Tong district here but I hope you can find more interesting things there by yourself. Thanks for reading my blog, next post about Hong Kong is coming.
Oriental Dragon

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