My Friend Alexey Korostylev

We met first time in 1996 at preliminary courses for university and became friends when were studying at chemistry faculty at the same university in our home town Tambov. But after university he chosen another field than chemistry and moved to Moscow. He supported me a lot when I moved to Moscow in 2006 and even arranged a rental flat for me.
Sure we know each other very good, know habits and manner and easy understand each other even if don't meet for long time.
Year ago Alexey decided to change his life. He bought a flat in a city located 700 kilometers from Moscow and started his life from scratch. It's very hard time for him but at least he got full  independence from anyone which is so valuable for him. This week we met together again. He came to pick up the car which I sold to him and hope he will enjoys it due to its good condition and price :-). We had just a day together but sure had a walk in Moscow with cameras. We took film cameras this time and here are few pictures of Alexey from my roll. Later I will post here other pictures from our photo walk.

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  1. My good friend! This is the very kind words. Thank you for your hospitality and for our friendship.