Different sides of my home town

Major part of visitors like how old center of my home town Tambov looks. They like old renovated buildings in a center which creates a nice image of the town. But you can easily get another impression if you just get another turn and look around. Even same nice buildings from the rear looks absolutely different compare to the front. Some of them require urgent renovation which is only thing can help to save the original design and architecture.

But there are more old buildings which actually belongs to regular people who simply can't keep their property in a good condition. Same time local government do nothing to help help citizen save these buildings for descendants.
Furthermore, local administration approves new projects for apartment buildings in old center of Tambov and they are slightly remove historical buildings from old blocks. A lot of historical buildings gone already within last few years and I think this tendency will be kept unfortunately. Russian people still deal with the worse habit since Great October Revolution - we destroy everything when trying to create something new. But new things we create are worse compare to destroyed one. We don't care about history and like remove and destroy memorials. But memorials are constructions which represents different ages of human being and designed to notify you about historical moments and keep this in your memory. Regretfully we are far from this...

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