Streets of Kazan city center

Last week went to Kazan for business trip and have a short time for photo walk in a center on my departure day back to Moscow.
I didn't travel in Russia a lot for last few years but before when I was a field engineer I have not been to Kazan as well. I had few chances in the past to get there but there were some issues or limitations which didn't allow me to go there.
I've got really nice impressions from the city. It's big and clean, at least central part. There are some good hotels and restaurants with reasonable prices and service.
Old historical  part of the city mostly renovated but there are some old buildings which still in bad conditions. Sure there is a contrast between modern buildings, old buildings which are going to be demolished and classical architecture. Kremlin looks great as it looks at any big or middle size city of Russia, due to special care from government.
Anyway I would recommend to spend few days in this city to anyone.

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