Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

First Colors in Russian Photography

Three weeks ago my friend from Germany Marc Schlueter visited my family here in Moscow. I tried to create routes for him for sightseeing and went with him to some places he would like to see after the working day.

Due to his focus on photography we went to Moscow House of Photography with its exhibition place - Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow at Ostorzhenka street 16. There were few expos dedicated to earliest Russian color photography, Robert Capa expo, Norilsk (Russian city famous of nickel and steel production) retrospective, some art photography and II World War photography as well. Most impressive in our common opinion was Robert Capa. His pictures are really transmitting the atmosphere of the moments they were taken at.
Same time, there were preparation for a music event. Two pianists had a concert in the night and one guy was doing adjustment of  two pianos. We spent roughly three hours there and all the time he was adjusting and playing which arranged better atmosphere for watching pictures.

Sleeping guard

Preparations for the concert

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