Old friends

When I was at my home town in August this year we went to the village where my uncle was born. This time we went there together with him and my dad as well. Thуy are brothers-in-law and have very close relationship for more than forty years already. Few pictures from that short road trip.

This place calls Malinovka which sounds for Russians like something associated with raspberry. The place has regular tendency to decrease the population due to majority of youngsters trying to get bigger towns or cities and get best life conditions or higher salary. But people born in soviet times are still there and their lifestyle is similar to one they had long time ago. They growing vegetables and having livestock as before. But they are not disconnected from new technologies and using modern gadgets, devices and cars.
So, this time we met the childhood friend of my uncle just when were passing the street there.

After short talk, couple of cigarettes and sharing news for last few years we went to the cemetery to visit graves of my uncle parents, aunt and sister. We have been doing this for few last years.

Afterwards we moved to the small abandoned lake next to the village where a lot of people were spending free time in the past. And surely taken another picture in front of the house where my uncle was born.

Finally had some rest at the lake and guys got some beer with home made pasties.

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