Technical training in Hong Kong, August 2015

After long pause here is a post with pictures from training I've done in Hong Kong in August. Due to administrative changes probably it was my last technical training there, at least for the Company I'm working for now. But never say never.

Anyway, I'm not in charge of Asia any more and need to focus on home region - CIS and Russia. I go ahead and hope the knowledge I gave to people in Asia within last five years will be kept and improved by my colleague who take over the Asian region.
I was really busy for last two month due to training in HK, preparations to go to United States for management courses and technical training and sure due to different ongoing things I have. I accumulated six film rolls, two of which still need to be developed. These last two from US trip. In few days I go to Thailand for vacation and hopefully will develop and scan all these films before. In any case here will be some more posts in a soonest future: Hong Kong streets, something from trip to my home town area, Chicago, New York, Long Island and hopefully from Thailand trip too.

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