German Landscapes

Few landscapes for today from really nice looking places. Some of them became so familiar for me due to significant amount of business trips I had to the south part of Germany.

I've spent at German company seven and half years. That was interesting time in terms of my life and professional experience so far. But even great stories come to the end sooner or later. The end of my story happened in July this year. I never mind about last year and a half which were not that pleasant as my previous years there. It's every time about relationships with people but some people are not about relationships at all. It's better to avoid work with such personalities and that was exactly my choice in this case.
Finally I'm standing in the beginning of  another story which is promising a lot of challenges and work but giving a greatest opportunity to learn and grow. It's time to write a first page of the new book now, so let's do that.

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  1. Such amazing photographs. It is nce seeing Moscow through your camera lens. Which other places have you photowalked in? I would love to see them too.