One day trip to Schwarzwald.

The HQ of my previous company is located close enough to this famous place. A lot of people associate it with schwarzwälder schinken or cuckoo clocks but I have another association for it.
I had a friend Eugene in my childhood which was so close that others called us brothers. He was a kind of genius: he knew English good, did programming when was in a school, he read two times faster than anyone I ever know. His mother used to work as programmer in 90's and she got PC for practice and learning at home in 1992. I think Eugene was one of the first kids with PC at home in our home town Tambov that time.
Finally he was a guy who introduced computers to me and my life. I can say that I still use his hints and approaches for configuration and tweaking of Windows on my home desktop. But as it frequently happens with genius Eugene had dramatic life story. He committed suicide before he graduated at university.
Nevertheless I clear remember how in 2000 we were playing Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed computer game on his PC at home. We simply loved that game and were crazy about fast cars as all youngsters do. One of the most difficult tracks at the game was Schwarzwald and Eugene was a champion for it. I even never been close to his time no matter which car I used. We were chatting frequently how to pass this turn or that curve and this track became famous for us.
We were two poor students from small Russian town that time and even didn't dream to get to that place due to all circumstances we had. That's why last time in Germany I finally decided to go to Schwarzwald and drive thru all winding roads there.
That was a trip in the memory of you Eugene, rest in peace and I will always keep you in my heart and mind.

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  1. oh wow, these photographs really cheered me up. I wish I could visit this place with all that greenery and the flowing water. Just amazing. People must be lucky to live there.