Abandoned Uvarovo chemical factory

It's a short photo report from abandoned Uvarovo chemical factory, at the home town of my wife.

I have spent beginning of September in Tambov and Uvarovo, Russia where my parents and parents-in-law live.
Uvarovo is small town in Tambov region with population not more than 27K which has been continuously decreasing since collapse of the Soviet Unioin. There was a big chemical factory which was running till beginning of 2000's but was abandoned and almost destroyed after that. I heard about this factory a lot, especially about pollution and bad environment around due to its operation. But I never been there till the last trip. The factory produced sulfuric acid and phosphate fertilizers.
Actual state comparable with ruins. There is no communication and engineering lines at all, metal constructions were disassembled and utilized. Some buildings demolished completely but some exist or keep at least a basic frame.
There are two huge areas covered with piles of cinder and phosphogypsum next to the factory. The actual owner of the ruins sales cinder for some purposes. The railroads mainly destroyed at the factory and they use old trucks to handle the cinder to the closest stub end to load it into cars. That's why they have a red "Martian road" through complete factory now.
You still may feel the toxic vapors at some location of the factory which smells similar to sulfuric acid (at least for me). This is due to a lot of underground communication tunnels which partly destroyed or submerged. And you may only assuming the nature of liquid which is there.
Overall this place has very sad atmosphere of Soviet greatness which was completely lost. Surely this factory gave a lot of harmful pollutions in the past which were not healthful at all for employees and people in Uvarovo, but brutal destruction of the expensive chemical production remains really questionnable.

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