Odintsovo Central Park

Autumn is here and there is no any chance to get some warm days this year any more.

Forecast for this weekend is promising some snow which I can believe because it was 5 degree (Celsius) in the morning for the last two days. So we didn't have a warm Summer and Autumn is going to be cold as well. My son got sick last week and I got the same from him later, so we had to stay home. Great thing that Mark is getting smarter and self-consistent. He can do or play something by himself for significant time and let me work meanwhile. Even on conference calls with my colleagues he was trying to be calm and not interrupt us. But anyway he requires attention to his person and I had to wake up very early this week to keep speed with my job. We spent a week together mostly at home due to our weak conditions but treatment and medication did it work and we were able  to go for a real walk on Friday.
Surely he asked for a walk in a park today as well and didn't forgot to take his kick-scooter with him. The only thing is a weather. It's windy today and my guy still have a very sensitive eyes after the conjunctivitis he got and we were every time trying to hide from the air drafts and wind. Also we selected the central park in Odintsovo which has nice paths to avoid that our guy will sink in a mud as he like. And there is no conflict between mud and kick-scooter. It serves as primary vehicle for my son and he uses it all-seasons-all-roads, no matter there is a knee-deep puddle, same deep snow or mud in the woods.
Thanks God, deepest puddles has been already dried out by the wind when we arrived to the park and our guy immediately boosted his scooter to make me and my wife run and chasing him. Finally the speeder was caught and switched to another calmer activity - duck feeding.
This year we got a lot of ducks at the small pond at the park in Odintsovo. We live at this area for a fifth year already and I never seen so many ducks at this pond before. Maybe this related to the fact that city administration arranged a fishing games at this pond this year and put a lot of fish in it.
No need to mention that kids are crazy about mess which birds do in case of feeding. And there were dozens of ducks coming, quacking and fighting with each other for the food. No doubts, mommy were forced by Mark to get some food for poor ducks immediately. Finally those birds got a pack of cookies and almost were ready to snitch them at once right in the wrapper. Yeah, those are not wild animals any more :)
Unfortunately this fun was interrupted by the rain and we had to go home quickly. Mark was not satisfied yet and asked to continue the walk and the only trade off I had is to propose him to drive through the parking under the shopping mall. This mall is located right in our settlement and it has ground floor parking which looks similar to the tunnel or underground for my kid. These kind of things a pretty loved by him as most interesting places because of the darkness and automatic headlight switching on a car. Finally we did this ride through and our guy returned home without further special demands. Of course, for a lunch he got the soup which he likes a lot, drank some tea and went to bed with his mom. So he is sleeping now and his dad is typing this after the development of shots which we took on the walk.

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