About me

My name is Dmitry Grudinin, I was born in Tambov - regional town located near 500 kilometers from Moscow, Russia. After university I started working in my home town as research engineer and I moved to Moscow in April 2006 where I changed my profile to service engineer. Later I became a service manager at rep. office of German laboratory equipment manufacturer. Till beginning of 2015 I was responsible for technical support of around 50 dealers in Eurasia and frequently traveled to Germany and Hong Kong where I conducted trainings for distributors of the company was working for. I started this in 2009 and have already portfolio with people from Eurasia who participated in my trainings. You may find major part of them in "People I have Trained" chapter of this site.
I'm photography hobbyist and love analogue film photography as well as digital one. I like to walk with my cameras and inclined to street photography. In regards of the topic for photography I came to the point that it should be real life around without special accents.
I'm married and have beautiful wife and great son who was born in January 2014.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy it.

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